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Hi, my name is Ronél van Lingen! :)

I am a 24 year old performing vocalist, songwriter & marketing/advertising graduate; with an immense interest in music, beauty & artistry.I love creating, frollicking in nature & playing with cosmetics. This is my beauty  blog. :)

I enjoy a natural makeup look for the day & I love more dramatic makeup for performances. I'm very into natural skincare. I mix my own cleanser, toner, makeup remover & moisturisers & even my own shampoo/conditioners for personal use. I am however guilty of indulging in makeup of all sorts & anything jewel or earth-toned has just got to be mine!! 

I love all things girly and will totes buy something just for the beautiful packaging, only to find out later that it doesn't perform as it claims to! This is why I love Beauty Bulletin so much! I am able to write my opinions & read fair-minded reviews on the latest products in stores, so I don't waste my hard earned cash on pricey products that don't work.

You can listen to my original music at & follow me on twitter @RonelMusic



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