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Monthly Challenges *Week 2 Tame Those Brows Take 2

Monthly Challenges *Week 2 Tame Those Brows Take 2

Now as I previously mentioned, my brows are not particularly unruly usually, but there is the odd errant hair that needs some cleaning up, and I do like to trim the longer hairs that I have as well. This is an overview for how I tame my brows. Watch my video at the end to see me in action :)



eyebrow comb


nail scissors


First I comb all the eyebrow hair up so that I can see the natural curve of my eyebrow. What I do then is remove any hairs that are below this line. Never remove hair from the top of your eyebrow!


Next you can measure the start and finish of your eyebrows. The start of your eyebrow should be in line with the edge of your nose and inner corner of your eye, and the end should be in line with the end of your nose and outer corner of your eye. Remove any hairs that fall out of these boundaries.


What I do next is trim any hairs that are too long. I use my comb again to brush all the hair up, and then just cut any hair that is longer than the others. Be very careful not to cut too much or else you will end up with holes and gaps - not cute!


Once done, I brush all my hairs into place. You can use a clear mascara, hair gel or even vaseline to keep them where they belong.


And that is it! Regular maintenance will ensure that your brows don't get too out of hand! I normally try do a clear up once a month.


Tips and Tricks

* If you have over-plucked or over-trimmed, you can fill in patches with either a pencil or eye shadow powder.

* Try plucking after you get out the shower as the warm water opens the follicles and softens the hairs to make it less painful

* Don't use a magnifying mirror - it makes it look like there are more hairs that need to be plucked than reality and you can end up over-plucking!

* Try plucking in a well-lit room. Natural light is best :)

* You can use a cotton pad dipped in tea tree oil and apply over the plucked area to soothe afterwards

Final Goodbye to my Brows

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