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Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 4

Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 4

For once I slept through without the nightmares! Now if I can just get some proper food today I know I will make it.


After my morning water and mascara, I decide to get some food from the sea following my previous failed attempts on land. I wade into the rock pools and see an assortment of sea creatures. From sea anemones to starfish to sea cucumber, I rack my brain trying to recall what was edible according to all the survival shows I have watched over the years. Too scared to eat something poisonous and risk getting ill, I decide that catching a fish would be my best bet.


Without a fishing line or net, the task of fishing is quite intimidating! In my head I envisage myself catching a fish with my bare hands and laugh the thought away immediately – my terrible hand-eye co-ordination ensured that I was picked last for every sport event at school, no way was I going to be able to do that!


I take stock of all my possessions to see what could be useful. I am wearing my Fitflops, jeggings and a t-shirt. Not my best fashion moment, but hey, this is a deserted island! I also remember my mascara but don't consider that a viable option. I decide to use my tshirt as a makeshift net and begin fishing. After a while I get the hang of it and manage to catch something! It's not very big, but it's food and I bring it back to my little home to eat. Fresh sushi on the beach, mmmm!


After eating I realize that my lips are quite dry, so I decide to use my mascara wand to exfoliate them. I clean it as before and rub my lips until they are smooth. “This macara is really proving to be useful!” I think to myself as I pocket it again.


I spend the rest of the day watching dolphins dancing in the waves before having an early night. Things seemed to be looking up.

Day 4 --- Goodbye to half of my stash

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