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Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 3

Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 3

Again my sleep was disturbed by nightmares about blue and the letter “b”, but now there is also a loud sound adding to the confusion, almost like the sound of a helicopter. Despite my lack of sleep, I am determined to start a rescue effort today.


I continue my new tradition of getting fresh water from the stream and applying mascara and find some comfort in the familiarity. While sipping the water, I am painfully aware of the bad taste in my mouth. Having not brushed my teeth in a few days now, I know that my breath is not too fresh and I can feel the fuzz on my teeth. Suddenly a flash of brilliance enters my mind – why not use the mascara wand to brush my teeth?!


I open my mascara and carefully wipe off all excess mascara from the wand back into the tube. Then I thoroughly wash off the wand in the stream until the wand is completely clean. I use the wand as I would a toothbrush, making sure I don't miss a tooth, and I use it on my tongue as well for good measure! I wash the wand as best as I can and put it back into the tube. Running my tongue over my teeth I can feel the difference. My breath might not be minty fresh but I feel much more human now!


For my rescue plan, I decide to spell out “S.O.S” in the sand with rocks and bits of debris I find on the beach. I spend most of the day gathering supplies and laying them out on the sand. After I am done I decide to reward myself with a well-earned dinner guessed it...coconut. 


“Tomorrow's goal is to get some decent food!” I promise myself as I turn in for the night.

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