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Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 2

Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 2

I managed to build a decent shelter yesterday, and made a comfortable bed, but I didn't get a good night's sleep last night. My dreams were plagued with flashes of memories of how I got here – all I could see was the colour blue and the letter “b”. I wonder what that could mean?


I wandered off to try and find something other than coconut to eat, but this island is pretty desolate. I stopped off at the stream for another drink of water and reapplied my mascara. It's the one thing that makes me feel close to civilization at this point.


My stomach started growling (I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal?) and all I could think of was having some meat! I reckoned my best bet would be to hide and try and catch something in the bush, but my skin is so white I wouldn't be able to blend in that well. Subconsciously my hand went to my pocket and fingered my tube of mascara. “That's it!” I thought, “I'll use the mascara like camo paint!” I applied the mascara to my cheeks and forehead in an attempt to make my skin more camouflaged


I ventured into the bushes and waited for a small animal to come past. I waited for what seemed like ages, but the heat and fatigue must have gotten to me because next thing I knew I woke up with the sun starting to go down. I picked myself up and made my way to my shelter before it got too dark. I am going to have to make a move on making a rescue plan tomorrow, just as soon as I get a decent meal in!

Week 1: Day 2 #OutOfYourComfortZone
Oratane month 9

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