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Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 1

Monthly Challenges *Week 1, Day 1

Not sure how I got stuck on this deserted island - have searched my pockets for clues, but all I could find was my mascara (how did that get in there?!) and this diary to write in.


After combing the beach for some sustenance, I managed to find a coconut that I opened up on a sharp rock. I was dying of thirst, so continued my search farther inland for fresh water.


I took a cat nap under a tree (all this walking around makes me so tired!) and was awakened by the sound of rushing water. I quickly found the source and drank the sweet water until I felt a bit sick! Gazing in at my reflection, I began to think about how I had gotten here. I couldn't remember a thing, but my face was bare (not like me to not wear makeup?) so I fished my mascara out of my pocket and used the water as a mirror. I immediately felt a bit better - at least now when I get rescued I will look my best! I carefully closed the mascara and put it back into my pocket for safe-keeping.


Noticing that the sun was starting to go down, I decided to make a start on setting up a shelter for the evening. I made a mental note to add a picture of my new look as soon as I can figure out a way to do that!

Challenge Accepted...Here I Go
#OutOfYourComfortZone - Challenge 1 - Day 1

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