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Beauty Diaries

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Nora's New Favourite Thing:)

I am so excited about this, Beauty Bulletin, a platform about all things beauty!!!

I am no blogger, but I do love make-up and tend to have an opinion on it. My love for make-up started when I was a young un and used to watch my mother apply her signature purple plum lipstick. In Primary School I started my very own beauty magazine, it didnt last very long about four issues,  with hand written illustrations of women with orange skin and tons of purple eyeshadow and crazy eye-lashes.

I am so excited for reading all the tricks and tips, particularly from my fellow ladies of colour. It took me a long time to find the right foundation for my skin colour as well as heard competing views on the colour blush I should be using. I am hoping to add to the conversation as well as learn from all the beatiful ladies on this platforms experiences.


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5minute makeup routine
Homemade Mixing Medium for Eyeshadow

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