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Microblading Training: What You Need to Know

Trying to find a profession that will both fulfill you but also earn you some money can be quite challenging these days. Not only because finding job in general is much more difficult than before, but even when you find something that you like and enjoy in, the competition can be very fierce which might result in you not having enough clients to make it through the month. However, if you're in the beauty business and you want to either expand it or immerse yourself into something new, perhaps now it's time to start thinking about microblading.

Microbladed eyebrows is one of the trends that has gained a lot of popularity lately, with thousands of people opting to have their eyebrows microbladed. Since you're already in the beauty business, there's no need to tell you what microblading actually is, but for all of those who don't know – it is a process during which small hair-like incisions are made on your brows, thus creating a new look for you that's semi-permanent (depending on the artist, the products and the aftercare routine, it can last up to 3 years).

Now – you want to try this out (and honestly, it's a great opportunity as the demand is very big and the competition not so strong as this is a profession on the rise), but you simply don't know how. In order to become a professional microblading artist, you need to pass the certification course first, and luckily, you have two options – either sign up for a live microblading training, or an online one.

The Future is Here: Online Microblading Training

There's a reason why live microblading trainings are more popular and common – not many people know that online trainings exist, and those who do know perhaps don't believe that they can learn enough from their computer. However, online trainings definitely have their perks. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone who wants to learn the skill of microblading but cannot participate in live trainings due to the fact that they're not held in their town or city, or have certain responsibilities and cannot attend the classes and workshops. Bear in mind that you really need to do your homework beforehand and see which online trainings are great – there are some that are proved to be excellent, so you can always sign up for microblading training online and get certified.

The online sessions are great because you get to determine your own pace. Once you sign up for the course, you will get access to a certain software platform, get a free microblading kit in some cases, and audio and video lessons that you will have to go through. These trainings can last up to 6 months, which means that you have plenty of time to engage and practice. Finally, if your budget is not big enough, this is definitely a good idea to save money that you would otherwise spend on gas going to and from a live microblading training.

The Classic Approach: Live Microblading Training

On the other hand, you can always sign up for a good, old, live microblading training. These are organized very often all around the world, so finding the one that's closest to you is the perfect first step.

As opposed to online sessions, live microblading trainings last for a couple of days, and you will be expected to work and learn from the morning until late afternoon. Even though it sounds exhausting, live microblading trainings really do teach you how to microblade in a perfect way. Using live models is always a great step towards gaining experience. In most cases the student also gets a free microblading kit that they will use after the training's done as well.

The aftermath

Bear in mind that gaining experience after becoming certified is a must. It might be difficult at first to find some live models, but you can always purchase latex skin and work on surfaces that have a very similar texture to the one of the human skin.

As far as the income is concerned, the price of a single procedure differs from country to country and from state to state. The approximate price of a beginner's procedure is around $500 which means that you will pay off the money you invested in the training in just several sessions. Once you gain experience and start making a certain brand out of yourself, you will be able to raise the price of the procedure.

Becoming certified in microblading is definitely something that's advisable, especially at this moment when the demand is big and the competition not so strong. So do something for yourself, learn this new skill and make a name in the beauty world.

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