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Michael Kors is launching a beauty line

So fashion god , Michael Kors, is launching a cosmetics line and some new fragrances and I cant wait!  He has moved from beloved designer to a total fashion brand.

When asked why he moved to this new step he said it's because he is driven by perfection and wanted to help complete the total look.


'Beauty is always such an important part of my runway,' he says. 'When we put on a fashion show - after this many years - I've learned the layers and the steps. When I first start thinking mood of the season, beauty is part of it from the start.

Lifestyle empire: Fashion designer Michael Kors is expanding his brand to include beauty and fragrance

'The right dress with the wrong make-up is still wrong,' he adds.

Kors says that while practicality is key when it comes to designing clothes, he trusts his instincts more when it comes to beauty and after ywears in the fashion industry he should have the best instincts in the business.



'With beauty, it's more of a quick mood check,' he says. 'It's more gut. Immediately, if I smell something and it's evocative, I go with it. What takes so long is the packaging.'

He also reveals that he had three specific muses for his three new perfumes that are Sexy, Sporty and Glam.

Blake Lively
Gwyneth Paltrow
Angelina Jolie

'I have a cast of characters that float by me, sometimes a friend, someone I work with, sometimes celebrity clients - all people who have those moods,' he says. 'For sporty, it's Blake Lively, can't you see her surfing and putting on a gown? Or Gwyneth (Paltrow) with her hair yanked back in a pony? 

His sporty woman, he explains, 'could be headed to the red carpet or the gym, but she's the type who just goes.'

As for sexy, Kors says Angelina Jolie and Rihanna personify the attitude. 'They exude confidence,' he says.'She's not naked, she could be in jeans or a gown, but she's sexy,' he explains.

His final 'muse' is the 'glam' woman, 'who likes to be the center of attention.'For this, style, he says Jennifer Lopez is his woman. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

'She's never a wallflower,' he says. 'She goes big or goes home.'

Kors' runway show is one of the hottest tickets of New York Fashion Week, which kicks off next week to preview styles of spring 2014. Before that, though, Kors will be recognized by The Couture Council of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Wednesday for his contribution in artistry to the industry.


So my final thoughts on this....when does it hit SA?

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