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May 2016 Insider of the Month: Talia Naidoo

​Our Insider of the Month for May 2016 is the stunning Talia Naidoo (Talz_N). Although Talia is a little new to the BB community, she has made her mark by sharing her Tips, Questions and Reviews with the BB Community. We caught up with the series junkie and got to know her a little better: 

1. What do you do when you are not on BB? 
By day I am a Marketing Coordinator & by night I masquerade as a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger. Most often you can find me researching the latest trends for my next blog post, shopping or having a series marathon (I'm a huge series junkie). 

2. When did you join BB? 
I joined Beauty Bulletin at the beginning of April 2016 and have been hooked ever since! 

3. What attracted you to joining the community? 
Whenever I looked up a review on a product, I found that the best and most informative reviews ALWAYS came from Beauty Bulletin. I felt this was the best platform to showcase my posts and to share product knowledge. 

4. What are your three 'Holy Grail' products that you just can't live without?
The first has to be Clarins; Bright Plus Day Lotion, I cannot live without this moisturiser. This is definitely my go-to product before I leave the house even for a grocery run. It has a built in SPF 20 sunscreen and helps to even out skin tone. Next is Avon's glimmer stick - I use this eyeliner every single day & it's great for both upper and lower lids. It's super easy to apply thanks to the retractable design. Lastly, I am obsessed with NYX's Matte Lipstick in Natural, the colour is so beautiful! This lipstick is easy to apply and lasts for hours without drying out my lips. 

5. What's the best beauty tip you ever learned?
The best tip I ever learnt was from my mom, she always taught me to apply sunblock no matter the weather. Now I will not purchase a day moisturiser if it does not have a built in sunscreen. I never leave home without sunblock on my face. 

6. What does beauty mean to you?
I strongly believe in the saying that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". What I may find beautiful may not apply to the next person, but it's important to respect each other's beliefs. Having an open mind helps me to easily interact with other people and learn from their cultures - this is how I've learnt that beauty lies in diversity. 

Here are some of Talia's Reviews to help you understand our GORGE BB Insider of the Month. 

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