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Mascara Monday!

Welcomes to a new, lovely and fresh week everyone! Can I just say that last weekend I came to the realization that we are a shy four months away from 2018? It was extremely mind blowing to me merely because next year will be my final year and then well, I graduate. It is so weird because I clearly remember the day I first set foot on campus to pick up my student card. Time really does not slow down for anyone.

Now, down to the just of this blog post. A week or two prior, I took a week off from using make-up to give my skin a break. I will say that focusing solely on my skin care routine, my skin felt a lot more hydrated and well relaxed. Going back to using my make-up, I didn't want to go straight in for a full glam face. I began using a little more each day.

On Monday, the week of going back to using make-up, I was in face late for school. Now this is something that unfortunately has not changed about me. My class starting at 3:30pm, and I was still late. So that being said, I just applied a coat of mascara and grabbed a tinted lip balm.

Solely having mascara on, I came to realise the big difference that mascara made. I rarely ever wore falsies so I have a pretty good collection of mascaras that keep me pleased and content.

For an overall performance, a mascara that I constantly seem to be coming back to (with even a few mini's in my handbags) is the Clinique High Impact Mascara. This mascara delivers in both curling and volumizing my lashes. I don't tend to reach for any sort of lengthening effect mascara purely based on the fact that I do have naturally longer lashes.

The Clinique High Impact Mascara is not a drugstore mascara but in saying this, a little goes a long way. It is the kind of mascara that does not need two, three, four coats of mascara to perform. A thicker wand allows for your lashes to be separated and coated.

A really close dupe for this mascara is the Essence Cosmetics Falsies Mascara.

Taking the best mascara in the world doesn't mean anything if you are not using it correctly or using it for its intended purpose.

Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to both choosing and using your mascara:

  • It's all in the purchase

As said above, it is all good and well purchasing the most expensive mascara but is it actually doing it's intended job? Choosing the correct mascara all comes down to what you want the mascara to do for you, the effect you want it to have.

Volume, Curl, Lengthen or Waterproof?

With this being said, more often than none you want to achieve more than one affect. Mixing and matching mascaras is how you are going to get the perfect cocktail. Just a warning, waterproof mascara can be a bit challenging when it comes time to remove your make up, so just be aware of that. A good way to remove it would be to use an old based make up remover on a cotton pad. Hold it over your lid, covering your lashes and after a few seconds the mascara should loosen, allowing you to just wipe it off.

  • Application

For someone who rarely wear falsies, and I mean maybe three times a year, I found a knack to apply my mascara to get the best and volumized effect. It is as easy as one, two, three…

One: Over.

Two: Under to the left.

Three: Under to the right.


  • Slip, don't flip!

First thing you do when you take the wand out of the tube? Take of the excess on the tip. You have no idea how many times this one saved me. But on those occasion where even that doesn't help. Don't panic. Having a slip of mascara on your nose or even your eyelid, is not the end of the world.

Simple solution: simply waiting for the mascara to dry. Once it is completely dry simply take a cue tip/cotton swab and flick it off. No need for a rubbing runny mess.

  • Dried out mascara?

The odds of your favourite mascara drying out before you actually finish it is likely. Unfortunately, it is a cruel world that we are living it.

Give your mascara a second wind by using eyedrops. Three to four drops I to the mascara tube, swish it all together and you've got your baby back. This is the sole reason as to why I have a small bottle of eyedrops in my vanity.

  • Escape the clump

Clumpy mascara sometimes gives the effect of volume. It is something that I know a few beauties love the look of but, I am more of a clean, clear swipe person. Each to their own, right? There are no rules to make up.

However, if your originally sleek and neat mascara becomes clumpy simply dunk the CLOSED tube in a jug of hot water. The heat will thin out the formula.

Thank you so much for giving this post a read, it true and well does mean so much to me. Leave a comment, let me in on your current favourite mascara or maybe some tips and trick of your own!

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Have a lovely week!

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