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Maria's beauty Diary


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Maria walked up to the door of the salon and hesitantly pressed to buzzer to let them know she was there.


She hoped that by wearing her best dress she would be able to make a good impression and convince her friend to give her a chance.


Yvette, the plump and friendly receptionist met her at the door. ‘ Helloooo dearest Maria, how are you?’ Yvette had a tendency to speak in a slightly high pitched voice to everyone she greeted that entered the salon but no one the clients ever complained about her because she was friendly and offered everyone a cup of coffee or tea. ‘Very well thanks Yvette. How are you doing?’


‘Oh you know how it goes love, always busy as a bee. Are you here for your regular appointment?’


‘No thanks Yvette. I am actually here to see Mel, is she around?’


‘Yes sure. I think she is in the office. Please take a seat and I will get her for you.’


Maria eagerly sits down in the waiting area trying not to start biting her nails. A few minutes later, Mel and Yvette appear and Melanie beckons Maria to follow her to the office at the back of the salon.


‘Did Yvette offer you anything to drink yet?’ asks Mel


‘No, she didn’t replies Maria almost giggling. ‘Its ok though, I am fine.’


‘Very well then Maria, what can I do for you?’


‘Well, I would really love to learn more about the beauty industry. It’s always been a passion and dream of mine to pursue a career in this industry. I guess I could just come right out and ask you if you are hiring at the moment and if you would consider taking someone like me under your wing  to train and form part of your illustrious team’


Melanie paused for a moment before she answered. Her team was all highly skilled individuals that attended the best beauty training academy in town. They specialized in laser therapy, lipo-suction, massages, acupuncture and any other treatment you could think of.


‘We are not really hiring at the moment but, we do offer basic training for anyone that thinks they can cut it in the beauty industry. Its almost like a graduate programme for aspiring beauticians. It doesn’t pay a great deal but its good exposure for the salon and if you complete the training successfully we might consider taking you on part time initially and then, if you impress us, offer you a permanent position here at the salon.


The offer appeared very lucrative and seemed like an opportunity to fulfils her dream, finally.


But, the job didn’t pay very much and probably wouldn’t be enough to help them out of their financial pickle?


Will Maria except Melanie’s offer? How will she break the news to Joe and what will be his reaction?




Tune in next week for more of Maria’s Beauty Diary








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