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Maria's Beauty Diary

Maria's Beauty Diary


Maria had always fancied herself as a hairdresser, beautician or cosmetologist.  It was her dream ever since primary school and was so ready pursue it  until she met Joe, a top executive at Unknown Inc who made 6 figures and promised to take good care of her.


After she married, Maria soon realised that there would simply be no time to keep uo with her dream; an executive’s wife has to look the part at all times. Here comes the good life.


She had never worked a day in her life.


‘We have to tell the kids hun and then both of us will have to find jobs.’ Maria said while sipping on her coffee. ‘I will call up Melanie and ask if she is hiring any new staff’.


‘That is a great idea.’


Melanie was the owner of Funky, Fun and Fab hair designs, Maria’s best friend and personal hair stylist. She had been in business for more than 8 years now and had built up quite a good name for herself in town.


‘Hi Mel, how are you dear?’


‘Funky and Fab as always Maria love. What can I do for you? Booking for a hair appointment or facial? What will it be? You know you are one of my ‘special’ clients?’


‘Wow Nelly, Mel. I am actually calling to ask you a favour.’


‘Sure dear, what’s up?’


‘I am kinda thinking of learning more about beauty and hair and stuff and I was just wondering if you were hiring any new staff at the moment?’ M


‘Oh yes dear. We are always on the lookout for new talent but, I didn’t know you were looking for a job? Isn’t your hubby a big executive? Why would you even consider working hard when you can have a comfortable life?’


‘its actually been a dream of mine and now that my kids are almost grown up, ‘says Maria in a soft and timid voice. ‘I would really like to get back into it and who better to learn from than an expert like you?’


‘Hmmm, you have a point there. Why don’t you come over to the salon and we can chat over some tea and muffin? Say around 3pm?’


‘Thanks Mel, see you later. Bye’.




Joe losing his job was a devastating blow for Maria and during the telephone conversation; she tried her absolute best to hid this from her best friend.


So, as she prepares to meet Melanie at the salon, she hopes of somehow convincing her friend to give her a job and hopefully an opportunity to learn more about the beauty industry.


But, Maria has no qualifications, no experience? Will Maria be able to secure a job at the salon?


How long will she be able to keep the secret of their financial crisis from her friend?


Tune in tomorrow for Maria’s interview at the salon.




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