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Maria's Beauty Diary

Maria's Beauty Diary


What do you mean you lost your job?, Maria asks frantically. ‘There has to be some kind of mistake or misunderstanding, right?’


‘No love, it’s all true. I am very sorry.’


‘But what happened Joe?’


‘Well, it’s like this; the firm is being investigated for corruption and bribery charges. The auditors also discovered that no tax was paid for over 5 years. Executive Management has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. I just know we are all going to be given the sack because all benefits including salaries and bonuses have been cancelled with immediate effect.’


The shock was too much for Maria to bear; she collapsed on the floor and was out cold for at least 20 minutes. When she finally woke, she found herself in bed, a cold compress on her head and her husband Joe, trying his absolute best to calm her down and make sure she is ok.


All Maria could think of was that her life of luxury had now been cut short; even the romantic getaway they planned to celebrate their 5 year anniversary to Hawaii had now become shadows and dust. All her dreams, hopes and planned dashed in one day without any warning.


‘Are you ok, Maria?’ asks Joe with concern in his voice. ‘I had really hoped for the best for us but you shouldn’t let this thing get you down, we will find some way to survive and bounce back.’


Maria couldn’t bring herself to respond at all. She just lay there staring at the ceiling for hours not knowing what to do next. Even when her husband brought her supper, she refused to eat anything.


Joe took it upon himself to take care of the kids while Maria had some time off in bed that evening. He made them supper and made sure each of them had a nice hot bath. He didn’t share the news with the kids right away; he thought it would be better to rather wait until Maria had dealt with it all and then they could tell the kids together.


Later that evening, Maria eventually decided to get out of bed and go to the kitchen for some warm milk. She found Joe sitting at the kitchen table, his hands covering his face as if to hid the disappointment and depression he was feeling. She moved closer and tapped him lightly on the shoulder to make him aware that she had entered the room. Immediately, Joe turned round and found himself staring in the eyes of a woman who had spent nearly 2 hours crying.


‘Joe’, said Maria. ‘i have been thing about this the entire time I have been lying in bed. I know and understand now that there was nothing you could have done from your side to prevent this and you have worked hard your entire life to give us the best life you could. It’s not your fault honey. I understand.’


Joe rose slowly from the chair he had slumped himself in and gave his wife the biggest hug he could manage.








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Maria's beauty diary

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