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Maria's beauty diary

Maria's beauty diary


Maria’s Beauty Diary


Maria is not your average city mom; she is an absolute beauty fanatic with a taste for the finer things in life. In her collection of beauty treats she boasts a wide variety of the Body Shop products, an extensive range of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and more than enough make up for at least 3 studio fashion shoots.  If you think that is it, have I got news for you, she has  more clothes than she can possibly wear, all designer items by the way, very expensive shoes and jewellery.


I guess you could say our little lady is a bit materialistic but, who t would be if your husband was a top executive at a well paying firm. As a mother of 2, she goes to great lengths to make sure her family is taken care of and at the end of each work day (she is a housewife by the way) she visits her hairdresser, followed by a facial and then a ‘classic Cleopatra’ milk bath.


It sure sounds like Maria has a wonderful and perfect life, but, all of this is about to change..........


Its 6pm on Monday afternoon and Maria is busy preparing a succulent and healthy supper for her family. While setting the table, she noticed her husband walk in with a fairly disgruntled look on his face. ‘What wrong love?’, asks Maria.  ‘You seem very down. Stressful day at work?’’ Maybe a nice dinner will cheer you up’.


Joe hesitantly sits down and places his briefcase on the table. ‘Maria my angel, I have something to tell you but, before I do that, I want you to know that I have always tried to give you and the kids the best that I could  and I absolutely love you guys.’ With that, Joe drops his face ion his hands and slowly starts crying softly. Maria is horrified and immediately rushes to her husband in an effort to console him. ‘What’s wrong Joe? Talk to me please!”


Joe slowly lifts his face and finds himself staring directly at Maria, his face and eyes all red and tears flowing. ‘I am sorry honey but, I just found out today that I lost my job.’




As I am sure you can imagine Maria was horrified at the news of her husband having lost his job.


What will happen to them now?


Will she still be able to maintain her lavish lifestyle of beauty treatments and taste for exquisite fashion, jewellery, make up?




Tune in tomorrow for more of Maria’s beauty diary and follow her on her journey to discovering the meaning  of true beauty.


Maria's Beauty Diary
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