Makeup Revolution Luxury Powder

​Setting your makeup for a powder, I feel, if always essential if you're hoping to dawn that look for a prolonged period of time.

Now, when it comes to powders, we all have a preferred preference.

Loose, compact, colour, translucent.

My preference is a loose powder with a damp beauty sponge.

Not only does it basically blending in the powder, allowing for a smoother application but it always gives an overall lasting effect.

Trust me when I say that I was not ready to get my sponge all clogged in the beginning but yet, here we are.

Now, back on topic – a well set base with a loose powder, finish off with a ton of setting spay to melt it all together and we are good to go.

With that being said, in a rather lengthy intro, this month's product(s) of the month are the Makeup Revolution Loose Luxury Setting Powders!

According to the Revolution Beauty website here:

"A favourite for prolonging the wear of makeup, banishing shine, brightening and balancing skin tone. This finely milled powder can be dusted on with the Revolution Bake and Finish Brush, dab on and dust off. For a natural finish use the fluffy brush or use the sponge makeup applicator for baking precision to lock in contour and highlight. If you want areas to look brighter, make sure to damp the sponge and pat on a thick coat of powder. Loose powders are a good option for those who desire a luminous, silky and even finish."

On the Revolution Beauty website there sits 12 different shades of this powder with only three available in Clicks stores in South Africa.

In my opinion:

Now when it came to finding a good shade match for myself, it was truly a matter of trial and error, an expensive matter.

I first got my hands on the bake & finish, which on its own, proves to be too light/pale for my entire face.

On the other hand, the luxury banana powder is not light enough to bake and bright my under eye area.

Now there was only one solution, mix and match.

For the rest of my face, I recruited the luxury banana powder – to bake and bright under my eyes, I mix equal parts of each powder together.

Let's be real this is not a realistic solution but because I now know the outcomes and labour that will go into this, I will be nagging Makeup Revolution South Africa to bring the banana light across the ocean.

But in all seriousness – as for the actual powder formulation itself, the reason why we actually keep or trash a powder, I am in love.

Both powders have the exact same formula, bar the colour.

Finely milled, soft, easy to blend, no flash back (banana).

Apply with a dampened beauty sponge and finish with a layer of setting spray and I have myself a winner.

It all comes together in the end.

A simple note for the bakers out there, I would not recommend baking your under eye area for too long with this powder.

It can be really drying even after that layer of setting spray – especially if your under eye area is naturally dry.

Moisturize and apply those eye creams beauties!

The loose powders is available from Clicks Pharmacies for R134.95 a pop.

Online Clicks links for the:

Terracotta loose powder

Bake and finish loose powder

Luxury banana loose powder

All that's left to says… Makeup Revolution South Africa, please extend your range!

There are so many more hidden gems that we are all eager to try