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My journey to clear skin with Oratane

I have taken my first dose today, and want to keep track and share how well it works

Make up makes me feel better!!!

Make up makes me feel better!!!



I have two stories? First I have already blogged on, I has acne since age 11 and finally using Orratane for 11 months, I'm off the treatment is, and my face clear, this has given me the confidence to take pictures, before I would be too embarrassed!


Second and more emotional, I weighed 45kg when I got married, after 5 lost babies and two healthy ones, I weighed 79kg, and hates going shopping, it was a nightmare trying on bigger and bigger size clothing? Doctors needed to opperate on my spine because I was getting so heavy, 

I started eating healthier, not less and better quality not smaller portions. I also increased my protein intake and ate well, it was a lifestyle change, 

I took an GFrag injection daily and lost 20 kg now weigh 51kg, 


My weight is good, my face is clear, and make up just accentuate my natural features! 

Now I love dressing up even just to to the shops, where before I lived in my jumpers!!!


Lipstick makes me feel so great! Even just lipstick on its own, can so wonders for my self esteem, 


And lastly I am overcoming Bi Polar two, a battle that lasts a life time! But I beat it once before and I will beat it again!!! 

Applying make-up. Pampering myself and dressing up that make me feel absolutely great!

As a woman with Bi-polar II it I can live a dull life and that includes use of make up as therapy!!!

Power to the Women of South Africa
The Balding Truth

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