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Beauty in a flash

Beauty in a flash

To all the yummy mummies that reckon that the blush is a long lost luxury. To my sisters that would rather hit that snooze-button for an added five minutes of sleep than use that precious time for make-up. Well, I feel you and I sympathise, waking up in winter is no picnic. In my epic battles of beauty sleep VS make-up, sleep normally wins every time. The make-up for a while was strictly reserved for big occasions such as interviews, dates, wedding and funerals. I slapped that snooze button daily and only got to apply mascara and powder at work while having my 9 o'clock cup of coffee. Now that I’ve left my unladylike ways behind --thank goodness-- I am more than willing to share the best make-up products that require the minimum of fuss, finesse and time. These beauty products literally are a sleepyhead’s saving grace.




A BB cream gives you a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock all in one application. There is really no need for a mirror; you apply it in the same fashion as a moisturiser. No tricks, no hassles. Cherry on top, there are BB creams for all skin tones under the rainbow. Your local beauty store has all types of brands and at the cost that does not break the bank. You’ll simply be spoiled for choice. A beautifully even skin tone has never been so easily attained.



A dusting and blending of a bronzer that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone on the forehead, nose and top of the cheeks is a quick way of radiating that I’ve-just-came-from-a-holiday-from-the-coast-aren’t-you-just-jealous look. Rocking a sun-kissed skin is definitely sexy especially in the middle of winter. If you worry about finding the right shade of bronzer, then the Smashbox Cheek Colour O-Glow, from Woolworths is an answer to your feverish prayers.The Smashbox Cheek Colour O-Glow is an innovative clear gel that intuitively knows how to get you “blushing” in just the right shade. Whether you are black, brown, yellow or white, the O-Glow instantly provides you with a customized natural looking flush of colour by reacting to your personal skin chemistry. It sounds like magic hocus-pocus I admit, but I swear it works. You’ve got to try it to see the instant magic of chemistry in action.



Smashbox O-Gloss Gold Intuitive Lip Gloss is another brilliant beauty product from Smashbox. It is a clear gel that is applied like any other lip balm or gloss. Apply and wait for your own custom shade of pink instantly blooms on your pout. Sexy lips have never had it so good. Trues Bob!


Fake or real, investing time or money is a must, or at least until some enterprising soul develops an eyelash growing, darkening and thickening serum. Until then, flirty sexy eyes will mean a lick of mascara or fake eyelashes. I choose to invest with “effort”. I can be found applying my mascara at the traffic lights or at the Gautrain station bathroomswhen I am running late. Pitiful I know, but please don’t judge. That magic serum for eyelashes has not yet left the lab.


Invest in hair accessories, dry shampoos, spray gel or non-sticky hairsprays. They come in handy on get-up-and-go days and we all get those. If you have an afro you know better than to let it tangle, so invest in a silk pillow or a sleeping cap to avoid wasting time in the mornings.

Now you are ready to go out and be all that you can be, with minimum fuss. Go ahead; splash your favourite perfume on the pulse points for some fragrance fabulousness. Strut out confidently, you have it made lil mama.


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