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Magic Happens #OutOfYourComfortZone

Magic Happens #OutOfYourComfortZone

"Magic happens outside your comfort zone", they say...

"You are only going to grow if you are willing to feel awkward", they say...

"Be Brave enough to travel the path unknown", they say...

"Do one thing every day that scares you", they say...

I decided to do something that pushed my limits this week.


I've always loved the way that false eyelashes look in the glossy magazines - all beautifully full and perfectly curled - it just makes anyone's eyes POP.

Trouble is, I've never been able to apply them properly.  I always look like a lopsided caterpillar has slithered onto my eyelids and parallel parked there (not very efficiently).  The glue gets stuck to my lashes, my fingers, my tweezers...  I always have to reapply over and over and I make a total hash of it.

I figured I'd give it one last go for Beauty Bulletin AND take the challenge to wear them to work!

Here is the outcome!




Monthly Challenges *Week 3
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