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MAC Smolder Eye Kohl, an icon

MAC Smolder Eye Kohl, an icon

Black eye kohl has been around since well forever

I’m certain you guys know about the it being used thousands of yeas ago etc., so I wont bore you with a history lesson.

Fast track to the present where you don’t have to grind and burn and use black soot on your eyes! I would safely say that 90% of women own a black eyeliner pencil. Why? Because it’s a must-have!

MAC Eye kohl in Smolder is iconic. Kohl liner is softer than other eyeliner pencils. You can smudge, blend up, down, sideways, smoke it out for sultry sexy eyes, hang upside down and apply it up, stroke it, back comb and blow dry it (ok, not the last two) all with minimal effort.

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder is super-pigmented and goes on smoother than butter on hot toast!

Because it’s so opaque, it’s a one-stroke wonder! While it’s soft, it’s firm enough to draw a defined line leaving silky, smooth matte finish.



And an ophthalmologist tested it, so it’s safe to line the inner rim of the lower lash line or to tight line. That’s what the doctor says, who am I to argue.

MAC Eye kohl in Smolder needs to be sharpened, does that remind you of school? I don’t mind this because it keeps the eye pencil clean by shaving off the old product and cleaning out the nasty’s while creating that sharp point so it’s ready to use for the next application.

MAC Smolder doesn’t break off when sharpening, which many other eyeliner pencils do. With those, you have to sharpen and sharpen and sharpen away and waste product until you get to that stage where you can use it again.

MAC Smolder glides on the lids and there is no pulling or tugging (the eye angels are singing!)

It isn’t as longwearing nor does it claim to be. It wears well for about a good 6 hours on me.  Applying a bit of black eye shadow to set it will increase its wear time. Yes, it’s a golden oldie that’s stood the test of time and still fabulous (like Rehka, the famous Bollywood actress who looks 40 at 60! Love her)


Where to buy: MAC FFS or MAC counters across the country. You can also buy it online at


Price:  R195

Dupes: The market is flooded with black eye liner pencils

In my experience the Lakme Glide On Eye Colour (Black) is a great.

If you’re on a budget, the Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in (Jet black) is a also a fabulous alternative

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