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MAC's Radiance primer! It's AYOBA!

MAC's Radiance primer! It's AYOBA!

Get Glowing MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance


MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Yellow . . . I have no words, but as writer, I need to find some!

MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance is to the skin, what carrots are to carrot cake . . . .you need it  . . .in your life . . today, not tomorrow, TODAY!

It comes in standard Prep+Prime packaging. Black, with fine glitter on the bottle and it has a pump . . . Yay for the sanitary pump that dispenses the right amount of product. I don’t know about you but sometime I like to slather these kinds of things on, especially when they are in a jar or tube. I have no control sometimes.

The MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance I got is a light yellow colour and this colour disappears on application and the glow is immediate. The radiance is immediate, you don’t have to wait for the product to sink in and settle into your skin to see that effects, the results are immediate.



It has a silky smooth consistency that on application; makes your skin feels just like that. You will feel a slight tingling sensation when you first apply it. That’s probably due to the Vitamin C that’s in it because Vitamin C has brightening properties and this using happens when using any cream or treatment with Vitamin C, so do not be alarmed, it goes away as fast as you can say State of the Nation Address (Hope u guys watched it J).

The Vitamin A in this primer softens the skin and the antioxidants protect it. It also has caffeine, which claims calms the skin and reduces puffiness. (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a dermatologist.) But, what gives this that illuminating effect is the illuminating pearl powder in it.


Now for the best news for a brown girl like me, taken from the MAC website:  Well-suited for all skins but especially effective on deeper skin tones.


It’s rare for me not to find a fault with a product, but I can’t see a down side. There is also Rose Radiance for lighter skin tones. But yellow is a neutralizer so it will help reduce redness and uneven skin tone across the board. This is hydrating but if you have super dry skin, I suggest moisturizing well before applying this. It’s not a typical primer that will create a barrier between your skin and foundation.  If you have great skin, you can wear this alone or with a BB cream. I think the best way is to use the MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance primer in this order: Apply radiance primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, regular primer, then foundation. Make sure your foundation is not heavy duty because the glow will go . . .

Where to buy: MAC FSS and counters nationwide or visit

Price: R420 for 50ml



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