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I just love all things beauty!From looking after my skin to making sure that i look gorgeous. I am a big fan of make up and i cant stop myself from buying. Its fascinating how a change of haisrtyle,highlighter and eyebrow shaping can change a look altogether. I just love to look and feel beautiful!!

Mac's New Matte Lipsticks

Mac's New Matte Lipsticks

​So i went to Mac in July excited about their new line of matte lipsticks. They did not have the whole range but i checked out what they had and 2 lipsticks stood out for me. It was Whirl and Instigator. Now whirl is a nude lipstick which has a pink undertone to it and i liked it because i didnt have anything like that in my collection. In fact i chose these 2 lipsticks because i liked them and they were different from what i normally wear so i thought it would be a great idea to try something totally different! As for Instigator, its a deep purple! Its not a lipstick that you can wear everyday because its dark. It looked like a black lipstick from far and only when you were close to me that you could see that its a deep purple lipstick! These lipsticks, although they are matte, they have a bit of glide to them and they are not as drying as their previous lipsticks! They really are nice to apply and they look good!

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