M-A-C studio fix foundation

‚ÄčI must admit that I was a bit to quick to judge this foundation in a review I did some time back. I blasted It for not having the staying power I expected. 

Well whereas that may still be true, I can't deny the other great qualities-its creamy consistency for one, also how easy it is to blend it, using either my fingers or a beauty blender. More especially, I love the yellow undertone it has which compliments my complexion. I have to also brag about the natural finish, non cakey look it gives me. 

A foundation without the longevity I expected is discouraging but I found that with a few spritzes of make up setting spray, this is sorted! I've also noticed that with the setting spray, it doesn't rub off onto my clothing as much. 

So over a long period of use this foundation has somewhat redeemed itself in my books. It still may not be my favorite but it is certainly a strong contender so I'm so glad I didn't write this one off. 

Would love to hear from you ladies about your experiences with M-a-c foundation.