Lux: Experience the beauty of a fine fragrance everyday

​Lux products have been around for a long time and I have always loved their products.  From the Sheer Twilight body washes to the Wake Me and Soft Velvet products. Nothing could however have prepare me for what they launched recently; the Lux soft touch beauty bar. 

When I think of the Lux range of beauty products, I realize that there is normally an association with perfume, beauty, love, romance, smelling and looking good, being beautiful to name a few.

This beauty bar changed everything and the way I look at beauty soaps forever. Even the extensive marketing campaigns and tv advertisements led me to believe that this was Lux's greatest creation yet. The text on the packaging of the bar specifically refers to noticeably softer skin with silk essence. This already captured my attention, while the picture of the rose emphasized the alluring fragrance  of french roses that leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful all day.

If that does not convince you to try this, nothing will. Captivated by the alluring words, I knew I had to try because I was already picturing myself taking a luxurious SPA bath with a soft touch beauty bar.

I love smelling great and having soft skin so, if I can get all that in one beauty soap, it is a huge winner for me. At R 5.99 per bar I can feel good, look good and smell good too! (Who says you have to break the bank by spending hundreds in costly fragrances that do not even last all day?)

After reading the review on Beauty Bulletin, I went off to my local Dischem and bought two bars. My first bar lasted me only a week. I think the excitement of the french roses really got to me and every so often I would wash my hands just to get that perfume smell again! 

The other bar I actually keep in my bag in a soap dish. Whenever I need to wash my hands for some reason, I just whip it out, wash my hands and pop it back in the dish.

What can I say, I love french roses lol. 

My overall experience with the Lux soft touch beauty soap has been nothing but incredible. Every time I either take a bath with it or simply just wash my hands, my skin has always been left feeling sooooo soft and the perfume smell lasts for at least an hour or two or until I decide to wash my hands again.

I has delivered everything I expect from a soap; pure fragrance harnessed from French Roses (lovely), soft touch silk essence you can truly feel and appreciate that lasts for a few hours and reasonable price; putting the soap in reach of virtually everyone and anyone.

The Lux soft touch bar has really exceeded my expectations.

I look forward to many more Luxurious soft touch beauty baths in months to come!