Lusting after the Smashbox Photo Matte Anti-Shine Primer

I have been lusting after this primer ever since Will Malherbe recommended that I try it. That was one super informative and fun chat by the way! The first thing I see when I look at my skin, is my enlarged pores. I try my best to treat it with good quality skincare products, but pores can't just shrink and disappear. The only other option I have is to use products that will camouflage them. And I feel like I have tried them all. Not with much success unfortunately. That is why I am so excited about this primer! Will also gave me the tip to try it over my foundation in areas where the pores are more noticeable and areas where I need to keep the shine at bay. Apparently you can only use that technique with this specific primer. This time of year is especially tricky, because as soon as the weather just hints at getting warmer, my skin goes haywire and I struggle with oiliness. And then my pores seem even more noticeable :( I have also read up a bit about this primer, and the reviews are fabulous. PLUS Paula Begoun (Beautypedia) gives it a good rating... now that alone says a lot! Plus it comes in a tube (2 thumbs up) and it is not tested on animals (that would get 3 thumbs up if I so many!). This product is not a want... it's a NEED!