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b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0758.JPGHellooo everybody!

Welcome to my first post beauty haul and forgive me for being quiet over the weekend I took some time out to relax, do by DiscountExt" href="#5016903"> new things and of by DiscountExt" href="#16417011"> course shopping.


There are many experiences I would like to by DiscountExt" href="#2701290"> share with you but then you will be reading things like strawberry picking to dinner dates etc. Which will leave less space to talk about style and fashion <3 but to round everything up I will just by DiscountExt" href="#47026752"> share a short insert of my weekends with you. I hope you heard about Lush Cosmetics before which is situated in Canal walk the ultimate shopping centre in Cape Town.  I randomly popped in just to see what is to by DiscountExt" href="#81278164"> offer but my gosh! I probably stayed in the store for an hour if not more. I had no intention on by DiscountExt" href="#43265"> purchasing anything but left with gifts for two of Miss2Beesy’s social media fans and goodies for myself yay! Like this shampoo soap bars that is totally amazing as it is handmade just like all the Lush products in store. This shampoo bar comes in a wide variety catering for many hair care needs. I for one was looking for something to stimulate hair growth and the cinnamon bar by DiscountExt" href="#45645591"> offered just that. (Has real cinnamon sticks in it #naturalgoodness)



#FACT: Shampoo bar is equivalent to 3 regular bottles of shampoo.

I then told one of the very friendly sales ladies that I am also looking for a conditioner and took me through a few that met my needs. However I decided to go with one that is called American Cream and smells divine. Even after I rinsed off my hair and blow dried it I still get the scent of it especially when the wind blows through my hair.



For the number one fans I managed to get something called bath bombs which Lush is actually very by DiscountExt" href="#71069126"> well known for. I would describe it as a fuzzy ball with a little secret inside lol because once it has whizzed away in your bath water. It either leaves your bath with rose petals or candy depending on the by DiscountExt" href="#4264783"> typeLush Cosmetics does in store demonstrations and showcases the effects certain products have. I honestly think it’s a brilliant idea because this shows you exactly what you by DiscountExt" href="#79959322"> purchasing and all the benefits before even by DiscountExt" href="#52627404"> paying for it. At that moment they were demonstrating the sex bomb which is very inexpensive and adds colour to your bath with lots of lusciousness. Not forgetting the individual aroma each one has. It’s such a shame you guys could not be with me while watching the demonstration but here is a little clip courtesy of the Lush Cosmetics YouTube channel.



Most of the products at lush ranging from skin care to hair care comes in cute shapes and by DiscountExt" href="#37342490"> sizes with fun by DiscountExt" href="#86246469"> packaging. Yet besides the great prices the staff treated me by DiscountExt" href="#81364013"> well.



I hope you will stop by for your own lush experience very soon and please let me know what you will be getting by commenting below. I will keep you posted on how great the cinnamon shampoo is and as soon as I have my luscious long locks I will do a review. 



 Thanks for reading and bye bye now.







Pictures By Justin Smith.

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