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#LoveYourAge With Lancôme - Week 2

#LoveYourAge With Lancôme - Week 2

So today marks the end of week 2 Lancôme Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate and the end of the second week of the #LoveYourAge campagin. It's also been a week since my 44th birthday and I can honestly say, it's true what they say about turning 40. There is an internal shift which happens. I am so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin and proud of the woman I am since hitting my 40's. Granted some of that may be due to my drastic weight loss, but I believe that a large part of my new found joie de vivre comes from inside of me and I'm far less affected by external factors than what I would have been in my 20's and my 30's. It's like coming home, discovering, embracing and living the real me.

I am still enjoying the  Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate, I love how easily it is absorbed into the skin and the applicator bottle is perfect for applying the right amount of product without wastage. I have started applying it around my eyes and also onto my neck. My neck is my biggest concern with aging. Having lost so much weight so rapidly two years ago, the skin on my neck is not firm and it's quite lined, I think it ages me, my face is youthful but if you look at my neck you can instantly see that I'm a more shall we say..... mature woman! 

I have noticed that my skin looks more refined since starting the product, although this latest picture may not be the best one to show it as I had full facial threading done a couple of days ago (as a blonde in my 40's my face is somewhat fluffy these days so I get by with help from my threader) and I do tend to get a slight break out post full facial threading. 

I love that the concentrate penetrates so well into the skin, so I can still apply my usual skin care routines and make up on top of it without there being a greasy film left behind.

So here is my week 2 #nomakeupselfie and as a blogger, I couldn't resist doing another little product shoot for the pretty little black bottle too! 

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Week 1 with Lancôme Advanced Genifique
My Winter Skincare Routine

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