​So, it's only been Week 1 of my journey of with my Lancome Advanced Genifique Concentrate - and let me tell you this, it's been AMAZING so far! 

Application? It's super easy to use, and comes with an applicator. This way you always ensure that you only use the EXACT amount you need. Never too much or too little. 

Once you apply it on (I just distribute it evenly on my hands and pat lightly onto my face) it absorbs almost INSTANTLY, so there is no oily residue left behind! This was my biggest worry at first, because as having a sensitive skin, any serums that I apply before my usually skin care routine, usually cause my skin to breakout oily and with acne. 

Results? My skin is more hydrated (no more dry patches -  YAAAY), looks more radiant, and feels HEALTHIER. And the bonus is, travelling to Namibia from Cape Town for 2 weeks, I usually experience a very bad case of dry skin and acne due to the climate changes. But this time round, since applying the Lancome Advanced Genifique Concentrate, I haven't experienced any of those problems! 

This is one of the best serums I've ever tried, and it is worth the investment! 

Give it a go. . . and #LoveYourAge 

x x x