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Loosen That Dead Skin Off Your Feet


There is nothing like dry heels in those beautiful sandals or those yummy summer heels!

Loosen and conquer dry hard skin for smoother feel and look.



Add 2 cups of warm water

Half cup Apple Vinegar

Half cup Listerine (use an Amber colour - the blue might leave you stained)



Soak for 10 minutes and the dry skin will loosen off.

Let the last bits of the loosened skin off with a stone.


This work well with feet that need that emergency rescue with a lot of build up.

The Listerine will cool off your feet and will relive tension.

Apple Vinegar also will rid your feet off smell.

Do not wipe dry your feet, but assist using your hands to remove the loose skin that is still stuck to your heel.


Make this to be part of your feet care regime for it to work effectively overtime.

Do not forget to keep the moist as well as the above ingredients will dry them off and remove moisture.


To moisturize > every night before you sleep, do the trick that we all have proven to work wonders. Simply apply Cocoa butter, Shea butter or Vaseline and slip on your socks for the night.

Why this works? Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Vaseline, contain have super moisturizing effect that locks moisture in.


Remember this = Beauty is works!


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