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#LipstickEffect of my life

#LipstickEffect of my life



The lipstick effect of my life...


I have had many ups and downs in my life, but one thing my mom taught me was to be strong no matter what circumstances I am going through and challenges life throws my way.


I grew up in a home where my father was not present and my single mom had to do everything a mom and dad should do. Not taking away from my father’s role in my life, my mom is my biggest role model. She has been strong, courageous, generous, and beautiful and shown me that you just need to do the best with what you have.


I remember the nights she had to work extra hours and came back so tired from work that all she could do was fall on bed with us and sleep. There were 3 bedrooms in the house, but my mom, my sister and I slept all on one double bed. It was my favourite part of the day, when I could smell my mom’s wearied off perfume. That felt like home, and that scent had a name: Paloma Picasso.


So I used to sneak in her beauty cupboard and spray it a bit on myself so that I could feel more like my mom, this confident, beautiful and brave woman. I felt like I could do anything! That scent was strong and empowering as my mother was for me. I remember when she would come back, she would tell me that perfume was not for kids, but I did it anyway, which annoyed her bit lol.


From Paloma Picasso, to Estee Lauder Pleasures, to several lipsticks and beauty pampers, I inherited from my mother the passion to look after myself and conduct myself in a confident matter. The teen years would break me down, but it was not the end.


When I was 14 years old, I was the only girl in hang out group who was a bit overweight. That made me feel like I didn’t belong and I remember going to the school’s bathroom to cry after a silly boy made a joke about my figure. That day I decided I would starve myself till I would look as skinny as the other girls. I wanted to fit. My dad’s inability of affirming me and saying that I was beautiful made me desperate for affirmation and compliments. It was then when I met Anorexia. I lost 12 kgs in 1 month and had a sick mentality that food was disgusting. Luckily it was not too late as my mom through unconditional love, advice and prayers managed to open my eyes to my disease and pull me out of the dark deep pit.


I was 16 and I fell in love for the first time. This guy really knew how to treat a lady. He gave me gifts, wrote love letters, travelled across the country to see me, introduced me to his family. I was so in love I couldn't see my life without him. But one day it ended and I had to be strong and move on. My mom was my shoulder to cry and her scent was my comfort.


When I was 20 I received a phone call from my mom saying my sister had thyroid cancer. My world ended and I had no floor to walk on. My mom and I had to be strong for my sister. Her surgery was the longest hours of my life, but she made it! I remember bringing to the hospital her beauty products and going to a sale of our favourite store and purchasing some items she would love to wear. When I brought her the stuff that day, her smile brightened up and she was no longer only a sick girl in the hospital, she was a loved daughter and sister who could look after herself. Amazing what beauty products can do.


We still struggle with her health, but she is so strong! I admire her sense of fashion, her creativity and her wish to live! She and my mother are my utmost example!


It was the 18th of February 2012, my wedding day. My dad and his family as well as my dear mom and sister flew from Brazil to be here on the day I said yes to the love of my life, Herschel Levendal. That was the day I felt the most beautiful in my entire life. Everyone was looking at me and compliments were made. I went through my beauty ritual of facials, make-up and finalized everything with a spray of Hugo Boss Femme. I always say that scents carry memories and this one carries one of the most beautiful memories of my life. I was wearing the wedding dress of my dreams and was walking down the aisle with my dad, who was so proud of me and told me I was beautiful. But everything came down to when I saw my husband waiting there for me, his eyes and smile were captivating and I wanted to run to him instead of walking at the pace of the wedding song. It was love, it was life, and it was joy…


The lipstick effect has been so present in my life. I’ve made it my philosophy to get up when days are hard and live life. With God, family, love and your lipstick nothing is impossible!




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