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Life as a girl

Life as a girl

Is Looking After You an Schlep??b2ap3_thumbnail_images_20150515-132751_1.jpg

Being a chic is hard. The other day as I got ready for work I realized that I utilize every single minute of my time while getting ready. As fuss-free as I may claim to be, it becomes increasingly difficult to wake up and do all that I have to.

I do, however, get very excited when I get all the things that will keep me fragrantly appealing to not just other people but to myself. I love smelling good and being groomed but sometimes it becomes so difficult. I get the "it takes 21 days to develop a good habit" and 2 and a half weeks in of just looking after myself (trying to eat right, washing my face and brushing my teeth at night) etc is a therapeutic process.

I enjoy being told "you smell nice" when I pass by or hug someone. When you by SalePlus" href="#"> start taking care of yourself and it by SalePlus" href="#"> starts showing, you feel different about yourself. Think about it, that one weekend where you're home and you decide, you know what? I'm going to pack my wardrobe, paint my nails, take an exfoliating bath and moisturize my scalp. The day after these preps you wake up by SalePlus" href="#"> refreshed and so ready to wear the world on your back like a school bag and still look great.

More than anything, this post was inspired by how I felt like taking care of myself all the time and not just the day I want to go out, makes me feel amazing. I love feeling by SalePlus" href="#"> refreshed and fresh all day everyday. I start seeing the value the time I put into myself has and its impacting me really well.

I'm still working on other aspects of myself but so far so good. I hope this post helps someone who feels like feeling good is so much work. It is, but once you MAKE the time for you its no longer work but who you are. If you are happy you show it.


Love Light and Flight


Clarins #EyesTellAll

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