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Lips.  Everyone has them.  I bet right now you are rolling your eyes and muttering something along the lines of “thanks Lauren, thanks so much for pointing out the obvious” and you know what?  I totally wouldn’t blame you, because I said that to myself too.

I love lips, not in a pervy kind of way, just the way that I feel that they should be looked after as often as possible, they should be exfoliated, moisturised and protected while looking as pretty as possible on a daily basis.

To have gorgeously kissable lips is easy. All you really need are a few great products.  A few of my firm favourites are:

Lush’s Mint Julips Lip Scrub – I absolutely love this product, you take off the lid and you get the fresh scent of mint and chocolate.  All you need to do is dip your finger into the tub and then gently scrub and buff your lips to softness.  The other great thing about this lip scrub is that its edible so you can lick off any excess product on your lips (R95.00, available at all Lush stores)


Clinique’s Superbalm Lip Treatment – I absolutely adore this lip treatment, unfortunately I do not own it at present (I am waiting for payday to get my replacement) which is why it isn’t pictured above.  This is probably the best product I have ever owned for my lips, it goes on super smooth and completely moisturises your lips like its nobody’s business.  It also leaves your lips with a beautiful satiny sheen (R160.00, available on Clinique’s Online Store or Edgars)


Blistex DCT - good old trusted Blistex.  This is also a great conditioning treatment for the lips.  I tend to put this on right before hopping into bed, it conditions and moisturises and leaves your lips incredibly soft the next morning, it’s an absolutely must have for any dry lips (R75.00, available at Clicks)


The Body Shop’s Chocomania Lip Butter – who doesn’t love a little bit of chocolate on their lips right?  This lip butter is gorgeous.  It is lightly scented which is great as its not completely overwhelming and again, it leaves your lips feeling moisturised and pampered (R60.00, available at all Body Shops)


Oh Lief’s Natural Lip Balm in Grapefruit – if you are looking for a completely natural lip product then this is the baby you should be looking at.  It comes in a variety of flavours, however, the one I have is the Grapefruit one and it is amazing.  I tend to reach for this one very often (R45.00, available online)


Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie – this is the only “lipstick” like product that I currently own, it is absolutely my favourite thing to grab for my lips at the moment if I need a little colour.  I have even been choosing this over my favourite lip glosses.  Its got a lovely pinkish colour which is very close to my natural lip and its conditioning too which is always awesome (R135.00, available at Clicks)


Yardley’s Rollo Gloss Smooch Balm – a balm with a wee bit of a tint.  The scent is a very soft cherry, it glides on easily, almost like it melts into your lips and leaves them feeling soft and moisturised for hours at a time (that’s if you aren’t a lip licker of course).  This is a great balm but it is a little costly compared to others (i.e. Labello) that do the exact same thing at a fraction of the price (R35.00, available at Clicks)


What are your favourite lip products?  Is there one that you always go back to?

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