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Let's talk Teeth Sensitivity

Let's talk Teeth Sensitivity

Picture this: You have been looking forward to a delicious chocolate Sunday ice cream for the whole week. You take your first scoop and, just as your are about to put the ice-cream in your mouth, you get this sharp ouch of a pain in the upper left corner of your gum. Oh dear, looks like my tooth sensitivity is back.

Tooth Sensitivity can be painful and ruin all happiness associated with eating and drinking. Luckily, it;s not a disease but a condition that can be managed with the proper oral care and hygiene. Sensitive teeth affects at least 1 in every 4 people as a results of poor oral health, gingivitis, vigorous brushing a a receding gum line. The exposure of the soft tissue of the teeth to things like hot and cold beverages, certain foods brings about sensitivity associated with a nasty pain every time you want to enjoy a meal or drink. I know the feeling and it's not very pleasant at all. Luckily, relief is in sight thanks to Sensodyne. A toothpaste designed to not only tackle sensitivity and bring relief but actually keeps pain at bay for hours improving the quality of your oral health. Sensitive teeth no longer needs to be one of your worries.

Sensodyne Complete Care is here!.

​As a reverted once sensitive teeth individual, I must say the toothpaste speaks for itself and the proof is in the pudding, as they say. I have been using Sensodyne for years now and never looked back. My favorite at the moment is the Complete Care toothpaste. Now this is an all in once package that not only targets sensitivity but freshens your breathe, protects your gums, cleans and whitens your teeth and so much more. It's what sensitive teethers have been waiting for for soooo ! 

My dentist also shared a tip with me when using this toothpaste; after brushing your teeth with, do not rinse your mouth at all. Simply spit out the excess to experience even longer-lasting sensitive protection. In addition, whenever that sharp pain appears, simply rub some of the toothpaste over the affected area with your finger; once again, no need to rinse.

​So there you have it. If you want relief from sensitive teeth, try Sesnsodye today!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

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