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Lavender Oil - Essential Oils

Lavender Oil - Essential Oils

The right amount of water and beauty sleep are major factors in having a healthier and glowing skin. Stress and hectic lifestyles can mean less of these simple necessities. In my search for beauty products closer to nature, I am adding another essential oil that is touted as being the best for mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is most commonly known for its soothing properties on the senses. Therapeutic-grade lavender is highly valued for its healing properties making cleansing of cuts, tending to bruises and skin irritations a fragrant affair. The lavender fragrance promotes calm, relaxing and soothing of frazzled nerves. One of the best ways of unwinding after a stressful workday is adding a couple lavender oil drops to your bath water before soaking the stress away. For better quality sleep try rubbing some lavender oil on your pillows, the soothing scent encourages the mind to relax making falling asleep that much easier. I do not go anywhere without a lavender spritz, it makes hotel pillows smell like home.




Other great skin and hair uses of the lavender oil are for treating:


·Dry or chapped skin and lips,

·Cold sore and lips,

·Bee stings or insect bites,

·Minor burns and


·Eczema and dermatitis.


Lavender oil mixed with carrier oils such as nut or coconut, sesame oil makes the lavender oil to go a long way. Keep lavender oil in your handbag for an all-in-one bottle of first aid kit, perfume and Prozac.


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