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Lancôme Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate (Week 1,2,3)

So a few weeks ago this amazing product was delivered to me.Firstly I got attracted to the packaging,I've always said that black is elegant. 

This little black beauty comes in a gorgeous bottle​ with a silver lid that has a nice and different opening twist to it.

Because I've always had acne prone skin I've always been skeptical and scared with whatever I use on my facial skin,when this bottle arrived 

the timing was perfect because I had been treating my acne.My first week with Lancôme Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate was what I would say was okay I couldn't see much of a difference because as after treating my acnce it left behind scars and blackheads on my face.But as much as  o couldn't see much of a difference I could feel my skin became softer and when I touched my face it felt smooth.

The second week for the first few days I still felt that there wasn't much of a difference,well being a fitness instructor I hardly have enough time for myself and pleasures of being a woman ,especially with make up .But what I do make sure of is that my face is cleansed in a proper way every morning and every night before I go to bed.And having to use this product I just can't miss my morning and night facial cleanses its quite exciting eversince I discovered the marks are clearing so much that my makeup if ever I have to use it,its very light and natural .

Currently on my third week and all I can say is that I'm one happy woman ,my skin is flawless my self -esteem is back.Everyone is noticing the difference in my skin and my personality.My journey has been wonderful ,though i feel this product may be a little expensive if these results continue to make me happy I definitely will continue using it.

Love Your Age With Lancome
Week 2 With Lancôme Advanced Genifique

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