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Lancome Genifique 3rd update

​I am on week three of trying out the Lancome Advanced Genifique and I am still very impressed with the product. It continues to give my skin a very smooth (almost like I exfoliated but I didn't) feel as well as feeling plump. 

We have been doing renovations at our house and because of all the dust my skin is completely dried out, my hands are so dry its actually unbelievable how dust can dry you out so much. The Genifique has been amazing to have right now because it has saved my face and or tho the rest of me is feeling dry, my facial skin is feeling amazing thanx to lancome! I also heard a little tip this week that when applying it you should rub the back of your hands with what is left on your hands after rubbing your face, this helps your hands stay young too. 

​My overall skin tone has evened and smoothed out from using the product. I can still see my pigmentation spots but this is pregnancy and hormone related so I am not expecting a quick fix for that right now. I do have a healthy glow and general more youthful skin. I am impressed with how little of the product I have to use to apply to my entire face, the product spreads evenly , is very moisturizing and is obviously very concentrated if a little goes that far. This is totally value for money! 

​Now lets look at last weeks photo compared to this weeks photo below. And gosh the lack of no makeup here is hectic lol but for the sake of the campaign we will just go with it. Again the pics are taken in the same place with same lighting and no makeup or editing. I find that on my cheek area there is a big difference as well as with my under eye area and dark circles appear less. My forehead is also smoother in appearance. It is difficult to capture the results on camera but as you can see there is a difference so that is great! The big thing for me is also in the feeling of my skin, my skin feels amazing and in turn that makes me feel good! 

​I hope you enjoyed my week 3 update! I will be back next week with another update and I am also going to now be using the Clarisonic Mia 2 facial cleansing brush in combination with the Lancome so my skin should be looking even better and feeling amazing in a weeks time! You have to keep and eye out for that as well as my ongoing social media posts with the #LoveYourAge. You can also find me over on my blog Pretty Messy Mellon and on twitter @Mel_delaCroix

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