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Lancome Genifique 2nd update & Loving it!

​I am loving the Lancome Genifique so much! It is by far the best anti aging facial product I have ever used! 

It works wonders for my skin and leaves me feeling youthful and happy. It just shows you what good skincare can do for your mood, Just feeling that my skin feels smoother and more plump makes me happy. I can feel the difference when I wash my face and I feel the texture of my skin feels better. Look at the pic below at how my skin is glowing. My makeup application is also smoother and feels great, Almost feels as tho I have also used a primer but all I rub on is my trust Genifique. It is not difficult to Love Your Age with Lancome! 

​Not only can I feel the difference but I can also see it! Bellow you can find my before photo compared to this mornings photo, I tried to take the photos in the same spot with same lighting and everything so that we can properly compare. Notice how the dark skin pigmentation that was on my cheek/nose area is already looking better and brighter! and how my skin is more even and glowing! This is a physical difference you can see.

​I have colored my hair this week so that is why it looks different, the pictures are in no way edited and I am not wearing any makeup. My main difference at the moment is in the even skin tone and the smooth feeling of my skin. I look more awake and have a brighter complexion than before, the dark pigmentation and freckle type spots are fading slowly. 

My current over all feeling of the Lancome Genifique is great, I feel very satisfied that the product is doing what it promises to and I also find that a little goes  long way so I even drop out less than a full dropper measurement cause I do not need so much to cover my skin properly, the 30ml bottle may seem small for the price but it sure does go a very long way! 

I would recommend this serum to anyone. 

Lancôme Genifique Week 1
2nd week review - Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum

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