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Lancome Genifique week 4 with Clarisonic!

​I am back with my week 4 and the last update in the Lancome Advanced Genifique campaign. This week I have been using my Lancome serum in combination with cleansing with the amazing Clarisonic facial cleansing brush that I received as part of this trial. The advanced cleansing power combined with the after care of the powerful Lancome Genifique serum is definitely a winning combo!

​This last week I saw the best results. I am assuming because the before cleansing with the Clarisonic helped prepare my skin properly to absorb the serum better. I am still loving using the Lancome serum and I enjoy the smooth plump feeling it gives me skin. It is really a massive treat to use on my face every day. The Lancome Advanced Genifique also has such a pretty bottle that it really adds to the whole experience of having a high end skincare product, the handy button and dropper is a breeze to use. Here below is the first photo I posted in the trial and next to it is the one I took this morning, they are both taken in the same place with same lighting and no editing at all so you can really see the difference. 

​Now lets take a look at the comparison and results. For me the big thing that changed is on my cheek are and nose where I had a lot of uneven skin tone and pigmentation, this has dramatically faded away! My face and skin tone appears overall more even and bright and I definitely look a bit younger and more energized. My forehead is also smoother and pores are less visible.  The physical feeling of my skin is much more smoother to the touch, it is amazing to touch my face and have my skin feel so plump and smooth.

​Or tho the results are truly visible, this is still not a quick fix one bottle and you are done. Remember that great skincare and lasting results are a commitment, You should re purchase the product and continue using it for a long period of time in order to maintain and see further results, If this is what it did in only 4 weeks then imagine the long term results from continual use. The Advanced Genifique serum is concentrated so it seems expensive but the little magic bottle goes a long way . 

I can give this product a full thumbs up and highly recommend it to anyone! 

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