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Lancôme Advanced Génifique - Wk 2 - Is this for me?

Lancôme Advanced Génifique - Wk 2 - Is this for me?

I was initially very skeptical going into this trial - I was ( and still is) unhappy about the alcohol content and not convinced that this is any different from the other serums on the market.

However, there has been noticeable changes - Week 2 finds my skin looking radiant and healthy. I am really happy with it thus far and hope that by the end of Week 4, Lancôme impresses me into replacing my current serum with the Génifique :)

This is me after Week 2 - mind the circles under my eyes, lack of sleep and not drinking enough water has contributed to me looking like a panda (oO)

Friends have expressed concerns that I might be using an anti-aging product to soon considering my age. From around the age of 25 or older, collagen production can slow down. However the moment your skin starts show signs of aging, you can start using anti-aging products whether you are 25 or 35. These signs are not necessarily wrinkles and can range from lack of radiance, saggy skin and dullness. Always remember, anti-aging products can never create Collagen, Elastin or fill in wrinkles. Some products do have Collagen and Elastin but these ingredients can never fuse with your skins structures and fully restore damaged/lost collagen and Elastin. What they really do is moisturize and enrich your skin to support skin's existing collagen production structure which in turn helps firm up skin, even skin tone and increase radiance.

Ever since I turned 25 (a long time ago I tell you), I have had problems with radiance and dullness. Using anti-aging products has really helped my skin - with Lancôme I have had the best results with regard to radiance - my skin looks healthy, has not broken out or suffered in any way from using the product.

So if you are concerned that you maybe too young to be using anti-aging creams then:

1. You probably do have perfectly youthful skin and dont really need it:)

2. If your skin starts to show signs of aging remember that it is ok to use anti-aging products that address your specific concerns

3. Always remember to use products that are paraben + sulphate free and low in fragrance

3. The first and best defense to aging is, and will always be, SUNSCREEN! So remember to slather on some sunscreen after you apply your Lancôme Génifique:)

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Lancome Advanced Genefique Journey - Week 2

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