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L'Oreal Paris Launches Amazing New App

L'Oreal Paris Launches Amazing New App

At the Cannes Film Festival, the official makeup brand of the event has unveiled an innovative augmented reality app that allows users to try on its cosmetics before buying them.

For those who love testing out new makeup looks like me, there is nothing like having an entire collection of eyeshadows, lip colors and mascaras at your fingertips.

And the new app from L'Oréal Paris provides just that. Makeup Genius, which the brand describes as "the first connected beauty digital innovation," lets makeup fans try on any of its latest products in real time before buying them.

This augmented reality platform uses the front camera on smartphones and tablets to turn devices into virtual mirrors. Users can test out a selection of the latest L'Oréal Paris cosmetics and makeup looks in real time simply by holding the device in front of their face.

While shopping, users can even scan the barcodes of L'Oréal Paris products to try them out immediately using the app. The idea is to let users see how some of the most daring and trendy shades match their skin and hair colors before buying.

The Makeup Genius app will be available for free download in the US, France and China this month before being rolled out worldwide. I can't wait for it to hit SA!

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