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L.A. Girl glazed Lip Paint

L.A. Girl glazed Lip Paint

Let me start off by saying that I have been a lipstick lover most of my life. When lipgloss came around, I still preferred my lipstick because lipgloss did not really give me the colour I wanted and it did not last as long as lipstick.

Until a few years ago….. Now you get lipgloss in so many colours and the formulation has changed so much. I actually love lipgloss!

Now this has came along……Glazed lip paint! Something new to wrap my head around. My logic tells me that it is just a fancy pants name for lipgloss. Whatever… way to find out is to actually use it.

It comes packaged in a 12ml tube. The applicator is angled and the hole where the paint comes out from is quite big, so my first squeeze ended up being way too messy for my own liking. To be safe I would recommend using a brush when applying this to be on the safe side.

The consistency is a creamy, slightly runny, pink goo. It applies quite smooth and creamy and it has a distinct peppermint flavour that tingles your lips at first. It is not so much that you have to get worried. I actually enjoy the sensation.

They say on the tube ‘Super intense color’ and they are not kidding. It is highly pigmented. I did not expect the huge pop of colour I received when using it the first time. It was quite surprising because you would expect the colour to be more of opaque because it being a gloss. Also the colour on the tube is what you get inside. No fooling around on their side.

The lasting power is also quite amazing. It lasted on my lips close to 3 hours while I was having a few drinks. I swatched it on my hand a few hours ago, and I still have a pink babydoll stain.

I have read that these came out in 18 shades, even though I am not sure how many shades there are available in SA. Best is to go and check it out in store yourself.

To me it is still a lipgloss. Some might say this is a dupe for the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, I disagree. They are not even playing in the same league.

If you are an avid lipgloss lover that would love to explore an affordable pop of colour, then this is the product for you.

Shade is Babydoll, and it is available from Dischem stores for the price of R36-99.



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