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Kiehls Change your Skin Challenge Week 3

Kiehls Change your Skin Challenge Week 3

3 weeks on and the results are nothing short of spectacular! Many women are struggling with Ramadaan(month long fasting period for Muslims) as you don't really get much hydration during the day. I was really concerned about this as I normally drink water as soon as I get up. If I don't get enough H2O in my body, my skin looks aged and dehydrated. Not a pretty sight at all. I was pleasantly surprised that the Kiehls Hydro Plumping serum has helped with my Ramadaan skin. My skin was injected with a moisture boost and as a result doesn't look dehydrated at all! I am loving the plump and silky texture of my skin and I can attribute this to this amazing serum which I have been applying both day and night. The best part of this serum is that a little goes along way and the hydration that you achieve from this serum is unmatched. The fine lines are starting to disappear which is a bonus! Overall, 3 weeks on my skin is still relishing this wonderful serum in all its glory. Its such a pleasure to apply it and the sensation of freshness is simply awesome!

The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution serum is also a winner in my eyes. as you can see in my pic, the discolouration around my mouth area is lightened quite significantly. The dark acne marks which were plaguing me are slowly but surely starting to vanish. Yay! I am noticing a far brighter complexion that looks luminous and healthy. That to me has always been my skincare goal. I am finding that I can get away with a BB cream instead of layers of pore clogging foundation. And one last and important point is the fact that my breakouts have reduced substantially and even if I get my hormonal dose of pimples, this serum soothes my skin and heals those nasties in no time. Ladies forget those highlighters, this serum is the bomb and it truly gives you a beautiful glow. I can't wait to reap for fabulous skin results come Week 4!

And now last but not least, the superb Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is a potent elixir of magical oils designed to make skin even more beautiful. This amazing serum ought to be called 'sleep in a bottle' as it lulls one to sleep at night and come morning you wake up to gorgeous skin. This potent but so gentle serum works. Period. The past 3 weeks has seen my skin evolve from red and irritated to calmed and beautiful. I am loving the way it absorbs into my skin leaving it smelling gorgeous and looking amazing. My man has complimented my skin sans makeup which to me is simply profound as I always was insecure about baring it all. This serum has alas boosted the effects of the Hydro plumping and the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot serums and works in symphony with each other. I no longer have chin breakouts. Instead, my skin is glowing and I am relishing every moment so thanks to Kiehls and Beauty Bulletin!


So there it is, 3 weeks gone by and the results are spectacular. These 3 serums are truly legendary and ought to be part of every man and woman's beauty regime. You get what you pay for and if you incorporate  these 3 serums from Kiehls into your skin care regime, you kick yourself for not doing it sooner.  


Week two Update #changeyourskin
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