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Kiehl’s cares, REALLY!

Kiehl’s cares, REALLY!

I was recently chosen to by BB to review the Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream and I had a terrible reaction resulting in a terrible breakout and inflammation of my skin. You can read about it on my review. BB was kind enough to ask if I would be open to chatting to them about my experience and I agreed.

I was contacted by a consultant dermatologist Dr Sian Hartshone, who was so kind and so genuinely concerned about the issue.

They did offer to pay for a dermatologist and prescribed medication but I preferred going to my own aesthetics doctor, Dr Leston at Skin Renewal.


Dr Hartshone, after chatting to me over the phone and getting to know my skin care regiment and the products I use agreed that I am definitely using some of the best products on the market. So, getting a second opinion was great. She did suggest taking medication such as low dose antibiotics or isotretinoin (roaccutane) to help settle the acne. She was also open to chatting to discuss this with Dr Leston. Now, I find this so refreshing and I’m so at a loss for words at the kindness, transparency and professionalism.

My doctor was against roaccutane but he did put me on other medication (all natural) to reduce inflammation and clear my skin from within so to speak. And he also suggested some medical topical treatments. Like I said in my review, I was always of the opinion that the cream was excellent, my skin just reacted to something in the cream. These things happen, I’ve moved on.


Here is an excerpt of the last email I received from Dr Hartshone:

I have received information about the Kiehl’s Super Multi-corrective Cream from our scientific department.  I have attached the ingredient list for you.  After further enquiry and looking at the number of moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter and oils such as Rosemary leaf oil, it seems as if this product was the incorrect product for you.

It is meant for much older mature and dry skins where thick moisturizing ingredients help improve the skin.  However in a younger person where the skin is not dry this product is too rich and this may then cause blockage of pores and possible acne. She also included a list of ingredients that is in the cream.

I am sorting out the problem and let me tell you liquid zinc (some of the stuff I have to take) is vile as hell, but it’s worth it.

I will admit that being told that I have great skin for my age is totes flattering. While Kiehl’s doesn’t have a product that will sort out my breakout because of my current skin care, which Dr Hartshone told me was great (Thank you Dr Leston), I was touched by the effort put into customer care, with emphasis on care.

Companies that take bad reactions to a product seriously and look to find the root cause of a problem is admirable and a company and its ethics and how they treat customers are deal breakers for me. I assure you, they will have my continued support because they cared enough to make me feel worth it.

I hear Kiehl’s has a great lip balm, maybe I’ll buy that. I can’t have a breakout on my lips now can I! LOL.

The effort they put into me and my wellbeing is priceless. Kiehl’s, thank you from the bottom of my heart.





Kiss you lip polish xox
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