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Kicking acne's ass with Oratane

So I'm from Singapore and in my mid-thirties. I've never had perfect skin. I have enlarged pores, lots of blackheads, very oily and acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, and I get moles easily. My forehead is large (think Tyra Banks) and I've gone through lots of periods in my life where my forehead erupted into crazy acne and I felt terrible about speaking to anyone up close because I was worried they'd notice how bad my acne was.

I started the oil-cleansing method almost a couple months ago and my forehead started to flare up with subclinical acne, but because people say OCM is so good and you might get a breakout initially before the skin improves, I struggled through that teething phase.

Still teething, and last week I noticed my lower cheeks (next to the sides of my mouth) now have really swollen pores that look like hanging bowls. My skin looks like a strawberry's, except magnify pore size 100 times and downplay adorable factor 1,000 times.

So, subclinical acne, excessive sebum, pores so swollen they're like ripe fruit hanging out of my face and extending the mild acne scars in my cheeks so they look like serrated stretchmarks cutting across my skin...I think it's safe to safe OCM may have worked for a lot of people, but I'm not one of those people.

I panicked and made an appointment with a really good dermatologist I'd seen thrice (last time was a year ago but had to stop as she is really really good, but also really really expensive).

I saw her, she was slightly horrified at my skin condition, and she calmed me down and said she'd put me on Oratane. Thank God even though it was a noon appointment I hadn't had the chance to eat or drink anything today except water, so she was able to draw my blood and pop it off to the laboratory for testing. Tonight I start antibiotics and tomorrow if all goes well the main meds.

I'd never been on Oratane but I was so depressed about my skin I just jumped aboard my dermatologist's idea. She has the best bedside manner and she promised me everything would get better, and she has been great the three times I saw her, so I really do feel hopeful about how my skin is going to turn out.

I decided to start a diary here and do a literary documentary of my skin journey and what happens as I begin my Oratane course.

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