Keep it Kiehl

Week 3 is here - and I am thrilled to show you my results!

With the cool weather in Cape Town, everyone has a tough time with dryness...not me though. I'm keeping it cool with Kiehl's! My skin is so hydrated, soft and supple, and I don't need any extra moisturizer or hydration. It's fantastic.

This week's winner of my new three best friends is the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution! I can totally see a difference in my skin tone. It's smoother, but my skin tone is evening out which is wonderful. I went for my wedding make-up trial last week, and the make-up artist even complimented me on my skin! Have you ever??

I love that this challenge has been keeping me on my toes with my skin care. We went out on Friday and Saturday night, and I was so pooped on both evenings that I didn't even feel like putting my pj's on. But I diligently washed my make-up off and got my Kiehl's on. I'm dedicated. I'm commited. Kiehl's - let's get married?

See my results from week 2 and week 3. Can you spot the difference? (Both images were taken after my morning workout, post-shower, pre make-up) Pure results.

If you want to read some great tips for uneven skin tone - you can head over to today's blog post: