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Finally! My thoughts on the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette **Liquid Shine**

Finally! My thoughts on the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette **Liquid Shine**

​Rather late then never! 

I was over the moon to find out that I was chosen for this review, however I have been away for work for the last two weeks so I have only just been able to try out this fabulous range now.  (finally!!) This is what I think SO FAR. :)

First impressions:

Packaging: Amazing (so shiny) and very user friendly - big thumbs up.

Product: A small amount goes a long way! I used very little shampoo and conditioner on my long locks. Smells gorgeous. What a treat!

Price: R99,95 (slightly pricey but im thinking that its worth it ;))

From: Clicks

So, first of all, I have in fact used this brand before - and I really dont remember it being nearly as nice! The price has always thrown me off a bit. (I usually only spend R60ish each for a shampoo or conditioner)

I washed my hair this evening and I can already feel a difference. It definitely feels more 'high end' then my normal Elvive! My hair feels super soft and drying completely frizz free!! I can also notice a slight shine but nothing overbored - hopefully tomorrow when I GHD it, I will see more of that "liquid shine!" The nicest thing I can feel so far is that my hair doesnt feel dry at all - the best feeling! 

I have added a BEFORE picture -  my hair has been a bit dry and dull lately with not much shine at all. 

I will be uploading my AFTER photo tomorrow :) :) :) 

Stay tuned ;) xx

PLEASE LOOK AT MY AFTER PHOTOS!! :) IM SO IMPRESSED! **see the liquid shine*** (please excuse the bathroom backgroud;)) 

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