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It Kiehls So Good #ChangeYourSkin

It Kiehls So Good #ChangeYourSkin

It is Week 2 of using the Kiehl's facial products that I call The #3Musketeers


Half Way, Beauties!  


All for One and One for All!


I have not missed a morning or night using The #3Musketeers and all together, they have been very good to my skin.   


I'm seriously in love with The Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  It is the D'Artagnan of the #3Musketeers.  The Main Character and certainly The Star of the Show.


My skin definitely has more moisture, feels smoother, more supple and looks less blotchy.  Even though we are bang slap in the middle of a dry, scratchy Joburg winter that horrible tight feeling when I cleanse my skin, is gone.  


It means my skin is not dehydrated anymore and that makes me extremely happy as that was my main complaint before I started this 28-day challenge.b2ap3_thumbnail_m7.jpg


I'd like to say that my fine lines are diminishing but my wrinkles are pretty deep set, so I think it may just take a little more time.


I've also reduced the quantities of the #SerumExperts that I use. I was finding that in Week 1 my skin was a little oily in the morning.  I now only use 1 pump of the Hyrdo Plumping Retexturising Serum and only 2 drops of the Dark Spot Solution.  I still use 3 drops of the Midnight Concentrate.  Much better combination for me.


I can't wait to see what my skin looks like the end of Week Three.


Some of you may remember that when I started the challenge, I told you I'd be using The #3Musketeers on my right forearm too.  I will be sharing pictures of the different between my right and left forearm next week.  So stay tuned for that....



Bramley Hand and Nail Cream
Essence: My skin caring cleansing wipes

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