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Is Sun light good for your hair?

Is Sun light good for your hair?

The answer is Yes!. A fair amount of sun light can improve the condition of your hair.

There are many reports that exposing the scalp to sunlight, will stimulate hair growth. These natural weather conditions can allegedly stimulate hair growth on the surface level. While there are no scientific studies that support this theory, several hair-growth specialists praise the nurturing affects of the elements on the scalp.

In addition, sunlight reputedly can offer many of the same benefits as the modern laser treatments that can stimulate hair growth. It emits several of the same wavelengths as phototherapy and lasers that are used at hair clinics.

The only real scientific evidence that links sunlight to hair growth is regarding the production of vitamin D. Sunlight naturally causes the body to produce vitamin D, which has several ties to hair-loss prevention and hair regrowth. Studies on lab mice showed a direct correlation to hair loss and vitamin D deficiencies.

I find that using a fair amount of sun light to dry my hair naturally works much better that an conventional hairdryer. Heat styling robs hair of moisture and may even lead to hair thinning and hair loss.I try and do this in the early morning hours when the sun's rays are not too harsh, preferably before lunch time over a weekend..

After a long day in the sun or at the beach, you should gently care for your hair in the shower. Special after-sun shampoos and conditioners are particularly gentle and provide moisture for your hair after a long sunny day outdoors

I guess I will let you gusy be the judge, poll on this comig soon!


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