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Is it worth it to buy make-up sets / kits from Clicks?

Clicks was selling these really cute make-up kits which looked very attractive and value for money. The brand is Boulevard de Beaute, and the kit was selling for R300. It included:

3 eyeshadows with six colours each

2 lip colour sets with 6 colours each

2 lip gloss tubes (a bright orange and a very light baby pink)

4 nail-polishes (different shades of red)

2 blushes (an orange and a pinkish-red)

3 eye-pencils (blue, black and brown)

2 mascaras (black and blue) and

3 eye-shadow brushes and 2 blush brushes

My main reservations were that I do not know this brand so how can I trust that they will deliver? However, I do trust Clicks as a retailer and as it was only R300, I thought it wouldn't be a big loss if it turned out to be disappointing.

This is my review for each of these products. My skin tone is a caramel / olive colour.

The eye-shadows are all very pretty colours and very safe-for-work colours. They are not very pigmented and are subtle in that regard. I like all the different colours that the manufacturers put together. It matched my skin tone, applied very easily and felt soft on my skin. However, the eye-shadows are very weak in terms of longevity.

The lip colours are similiar to lipsticks. Some of the colours were too light for my skin tone. The colours provide a good amount of moisture initially but after a while, can start to feel drying on my lips. They last a decent amount of time and I like that no two colours are the same.

The lip gloss tubes came in a bright orange and the light pink (almost clear) pink. I did not like either of these products at all. The orange was way too bright for my skin tone and clashed, so I gave it away to someone with a fairer skin tone. The light pink one I never use and I'm probably going to chuck it away soon even though it has practically never been used. I don't like the feel of the gloss on my lips. It is very sticky and non-moisturizing. I don't like the smell of this. It smells very plastic and unpleasant. There are glitters in the formula that feel rough and abrasive. Even the packaging itself is unpleasant. There is a piece of plastic on the part where you apply the product to your lips which should be flat and smooth but it isn't and it makes application very unpleasant, as it really shouldn't be there in the first place.

The nail polishes are all different shades of red but at the end of the day it still feels like I bought four of the same colour. There was one bottle that had a burgundy tint in it but I have used it all up. The formula isn't of the best consistency - I would have liked it to be thicker. Also, the look of it on my nails isn't shiny, and it is too thin and I don't like the look of it on my lips. It looks too much like red coki on my nails instead of nail polish.

The blushes came in an orange colour and a pinkish-red. I liked the blushes. They were both well pigmented, application was very easy. The orange colour did not match my skin tone. The pinkish-red one was my favourite. It gave a healthy blushing effect and was easy to apply.

The eye-pencils were normal pencil type eyeliners. I liked all the colours. It felt smooth to apply, it was easy to apply and lasted all day.

The mascaras surprisingly lasted all day. They gave my eyelashes a noticeable lift. The wands were of good quality as was the formula (it wasn't clumpy or messy). It is not the best mascara I have ever used but it is a good product considering the price.

The eyeshadow sponges and blush brushes were also included in the kit. They say the application tools is as important as the make-up itself. I wasn't a fan of the blush brushes - I would have liked something with a longer handle and a fuller brush. However, it did do its job in terms of being able to collect the product from the container and transfer it onto my face. The eyeshadow sponges were of good quality.

The actual cosmetics bag that it comes in is clear plastic and black. I did not like it because it is too deep in that if I keep the make-up in that bag, I'll be rummaging for days.

Overall, I would not repurchase this make-up kit because the quality wasn't very good and neither were the products long lasting. But I feel like I have always been curious about it and now I know how the products perform.

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