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almost seven deadly sins

almost seven deadly sins




Its hard to simply look at cosmetics and simply walk away! To try , test play with them is an invitation to trouble! In my case i justified it by saying that its my birthday next month and i deserve a little something!

More like playing with fire and not getting burned!

Smashbox is way ahead with their buttery soft eyeshadow palettes: i almost got burned by the smokebox eyeshadow palette!At R440 its a fair chunk of change but the colours are just made for my brown eyes and I can almost see me wearing these amazing shades....almost


Finally i simply succumbed to just 3 things although truthfully I wanted to buy seven !


Kinda like the seven deadly sins: but i already committed lust ,gluttony and greed!I left woolworths with smashboxes always sharp 3d eyeliners in orchid,gemstone and French navy!i truthfully wanted the entire collection....Cabana ; Penny Lane; Raven ;Storm; Sumatra and Violetta
are just some of the amazing liners in this collection.



At R 235 each they are fairly expensive! But did i mention that they are waterproof, never need sharpening as they have a nifty lid that on twisting to remove sharpens making it perfect to line the inner rim of your eye and create different looks on the lid from subtle to intense! And they last allllllll day!

And then finally the bronze lights bronzer in brown is just simply wow and at R295 I'm proud that I didn't buy yet another bronzer.I did get to enjoy a mini makeup lesson at the counter.



I did almost buy almost everything that created my look from plain Jane to glamour girl.

For now though I'm positively dancing with delight at my eyeliners and I may just succumb to all that i'm lusting after....time will tell.









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